The news tackles an interesting and a bit of an unpleasant story for the 26-year-old Marie from Hamburg. The story quickly became very popular and succeeded in no time to be the most commented story on all of the social media. Thanks to the popularity of the story Marie got the support she needed and she received messages from all around the world.

The 26-years old Marie has a normal life, just like any other student – she studies has a boyfriend and also a part-time job to help her pay the bills and to finance her studies. The most interesting thing about this young girl is her passion for cars – Marie’s hobby is reading about cars which is more than fascinating for a 26-years old girl.

Thanks to her passion Marie learns every day something you about the modern cars and she likes to keep herself informed – she learns new things about cars each day. Although, Marie knows a great deal about cars she’s always trying to learn even more from the internet. Every month she goes to the local car dealership to have a look at the new arrivals.

But, in the same car showroom, she visits every month Marie had an unpleasant and embarrassing moment – she was thrown out of the showroom. The 26-years old Marie was just looking around as one of the employees came to her and asked her to leave the showroom. She wasn’t sure what was all that about and wanted an answer. The answer to her question was however that she was poor and that’s why she should leave the showroom.

The 26-years old girl felt disappointed and offended and left the showroom. As she was going home, she was thinking about leaving her hobby and her passion for cars. However, Marie decided to publish her story on the social media – and she did something good with it. The story became popular in no time and Marie was offered help and support from all around the world.

Marie’s story is still among the most read top-stories and she continues to receive support from many readers across the world.

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