The American celeb, also known as the Instagram King, has been bragging about his new photos from his holiday in New Zealand.

Besides being popular as a Poker Pro, Dan Bilzerian reached his popularity also thanks to his countless photos of him and his army of gorgeous girls on Instagram, as well as his photos with rifles, his cat and photos of him hunting.

In the following days, the Poker Pro’s fans have the opportunity to take a look at his new fancy holiday destination – New Zealand.

The Instagram King shared on Wednesday stunning photos of his breakfast with beach view, as well as his dinner in a restaurant in Oneora on Waiheke Island. Bilzerian left the North Island and took his adventures on the South Island of the country.

Now, thanks to the many photos, the followers noticed that Dan Bilzerian is definitely staying on the South Island. The photos published on Wednesday and Thursday prove that the Instagram King’s holiday is now in the South part of the country.

On Thursday morning the photos also showed Bilzerian on a boat, luging.

As it seems, the Instagram King decided to take a break, after the countless critics he received for the Las Vegas shooting where he instead of helping, ran away.

The Snapchat footage on his profile proves that the asked a police officer for the weapon to fend off the attacker, but after being rejected, he ran away.

Thanks to this footage, Bilzerian received many critics, but the most of them came from the veteran soldier who served in Afghanistan.

“This is an example why children shouldn’t choose their role models according to the number of followers.” – he said.

“(Bilzerian) this is what I can’t stand about people like you. You always play tough, but only in front of the cameras.”

“Running away, when a woman is injured is not a sign of strength. So, please stop trying to be someone you’re not”

“While people are injured and dying, you shouldn’t be posting videos and pretend that’s an interesting thing to do – it’s disgusting”.

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