Monster Legends Guidebook

Monster Legends is a really awesome game having virtually ten million users merely on Facebook. There are also hundreds of thousands of monster legends gamers on android and also iOS. Monster legends is actually a simple game, you do not need monster legends hack really. But it is addicting as well. In monster legends you have to breed,buy,and feed your monsters. In monster legends, You need to play multiplier battles,fight in dungeons,build habitats and also a lot more. In multiplier there is absolutely no such rule that may is right and impressive player will not win each time. You need to just use your capability of contemplating,strategy making and endurance in order to beat even the strongest monster legends gamers. Therefore are you ready to play monster legends.

I will be providing you with information on this amazing video game. This video game is made after the success of Dragon City. The artwork and also breeding game play is extremely similar.

The only thing which they added more was the PvP element. The monsters in the game possess unique abilities and different attacks available for you


You will discover 8 simple elements in the game. These are fire, water, earth, electric, nature, dark, magic and light. Each component is has its power and weakness.

  • Fire is powerful against Nature
  • Nature is great against Magic
  • Magic is strong vs Light
  • Light is great against Dark
  • Dark is excellent vs Earth
  • Earth is great vs Electric
  • Electric is great against Water
  • Water is powerful vs Fire


For breeding, you have to breed the different elements to get the very best monsters in the video game.

Classes of Monsters

  • Common – The most elementary monsters such as Firesaur, Treezard etc.
  • Uncommon – Hybrids of the common monsters.
  • Rare – They are harder to get hold of when compared with uncommon types.
  • Epic – These can only be produce using uncommon monsters.
  • Legendary – The most powerful of them all. These may solely be gotten breeding epic monsters.

The legendary monsters take a while to get as the breeding time can get quite unreasonable. The breeding time for them is right about 2 days. Therefore, if you should you ever possess that, and then you know you will have effectively bred a very good one!


Each and every element possesses their own habitat. Hybrid monsters may stay in their respective component habitats so long as they have that element. For example, a Greenasaur possesses an element of Fire and Nature. Naturally, it is able to stay in both the Fire and Nature habitat.

Attaining Gold

Each monster has an earning potential. Depending on the kind of monster kind you have, the gold you earn per minute can vary. The potential to earn money for the monster is determined by variety:

Legendary > Epic > Rare > Uncommon > Common

You will want to acquire a lot of Legendries as you possibly can to increase your gold income.

Earning Food

You can get meals by creating food farms. These provide the food you have to level up your monsters, this can be achieved as well by online monster legends hack. Once you get to greater levels, the amount of food needed will get higher and higher. It is possible to avoid utilizing feeding them too much good by fighting in the adventure map to enable them to get experience to level up.